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The Hologram Act

About the Hologram

An exclusive collaboration with DJ AJ x VJ Tarang- the hologram act is an unforgettable two-hour experience of soulful beats and mesmerizing visuals that perfectly sync with the music's rhythm. With stunning imagery, intricate stage designs, holograms, lights, lasers, and special effects all choreographed to AJ's performance, this exclusive act guarantees an unforgettable and unique celebration.

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Technical Requirements

To be arranged by the client. 

Technical Requirements: 

• 20,000 lumen projector with Standard & Short Throw lens.

• Kabuki Hooks 28 Pieces – Double Drop

Hologram Requirements: 

• 1 Goal post in line with the front of the stage for the Hologram Mesh. (Please note: Mesh would fall on the stage)

• 1 Goal post for the projector (height and distance to be calculated as per the venue dimensions)

• 2 profile lights for the DJ & VJ on the Kabuki truss.

• One table 10 feet length x 3.25 feet width x 4 feet height required.

• Cabling - HDMI fiber - from projector to DJ console for VJ Tarang.

• 1 HDMI cable from the Projector & 1 HDMI from LED processor to be provided on the

left hand side of the DJ console (2 total) for VJ Tarang.

• Black masking to be provided on the either sides of the mesh covering the rest of the stage

• Power supply for the projector 10kv.


• The facia of the console needs to be black masked and the background should not have any reflective material.

• 3 hours exclusive set up time (no other artists/vendors should be doing the set up/sound check at the same time)

• Set-up time should also have power supply and we should be able to do complete blackout when required


• LED design, size and pixel count should be provided at least 15 days prior to the event.

• If the console has a facia, then the LED design, size and pixel count of the facia also

should be informed at least 15 days prior to the event.

• If VJ Tarang is doing the visuals for Sangeet as well as for DJ performance, HDMI

connection will be required at both ends. (1 for Sound and light console + 1 at DJ console)


Changes to be made as per venue & dimensions

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For any additional information, please contact +91 99878 97708

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